Alex O'Donovan

A full stack developer working predominantly in .Net and Angular. Director of WhiteRock Systems based in Paignton Devon

Artificial Intelligence

This article highlights some of the best examples of AI in everyday life, helping to dispel the fears that Artificial Intelligence will leave us on the brink of a robot takeover, or living in a dystopian future.

Angular VS React

The two most popular front-end frameworks are vying for the top spot, but what’s the difference between React and Angular, and why are front-end developers still debating which one is best? This short article takes a look at the two frameworks, key similarities and differences, and why it is that the top spot only exists …

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New Website Launch

We’ve launched our new website!Starting from June 2022 WhiteRock Systems is going to be working towards more agency and commercial goals. We’ve already posted our new vacancy adverts all over the UK job-boards, and are looking to employ people in the Paignton office and provide positions for remote/hybrid workers! This represents a big change for …

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