What is the Internet of Things?

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Alex O'Donovan

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The Internet of Things (IoT), put as simply as possible, is the network of physical things linked to the internet. Now, I understand that ‘physical things’ is non-specific, but that is simply because there are already billions of physical objects that are part of this network, and there are many more to come.

IoT is used across many industries, from healthcare to transport, manufacturing to government, and everywhere in between. Not only is IoT important to businesses, but it’s likely already part of your everyday life: your smart meter or smart watch, the thermostat you control from your phone, the fridge you can sneak a peek into whilst you’re strolling around the supermarket, Alexa turning your lights on when asked, they’re just some of the ever-growing list of connected devices that are part of the Internet of Things.

How cool would it be if your oven could be preheated when you get home from work, if your fridge could place an order to restock itself, if your carpet could tell your vacuum when it needed a quick vac, if turning off your morning alarm made the curtains open, and the shower warm up for you? What if that same morning alarm was able to check your commute and wake you up early if there was traffic, or plan for you to take a different train if your usual one was cancelled or delayed? In time, all of this (and so much more) could be possible due to the Internet of Things.

Here’s a link to a simple but detailed explanation of the Internet of Things, and if you’re keen to learn more there’s a link to a free eBook at the bottom of the article!

What is the Internet of Things, or IoT? A Simple Explanation.