User Interface Design

We have extensive experience with designing beautiful user interfaces (UI) and developing user experience (UX) journeys.

Good UI/UX principals in every step of your application / site reduces frustrations and creates a seamless and intuitive workflow for all users, capturing data and providing information at relevant times.

To maximise the potential of any application, we arrange workshops around “user personas” for each type of audience you might cater to; then provide a tailored journey ensuring they can achieve their goal in your application with as little friction as possible.

We often achieve this by providing a storyboard for each type of user, so collaboratively we can asses if the route to their goal doesn’t include any unnecessary steps and the process they must follow is well signposted throughout your application.

Many factors are considered such as:

  • The users goals
  • The users technical ability level
  • What possible fears or apprehensions a new user might have
  • Demographics of your audiences
  • The mindset of the user as they
  • Levels of access to private data / personal information