Systems Automation

Understanding a business end-to-end means we can quickly identify bottlenecks or frustrations in your staff’s workflow. Having a detailed map of how data is processed throughout systems (either computerised or physical) in your company will highlight areas of redundancy or inefficiency. These can often manifest as:

  • Double keying (re-entering data)
  • Poor application interaction
  • Manual reporting (e.g. hand-typed spreadsheets)
  • Unnecessary data archives (including physical paper storage)
  • Manual double checking of values as they are moved about your business (e.g. billing amounts, payroll data, sales pipeline analysis)

For each of these problems there is usually an (often painless) automated process which can replace areas of wasted time, and because these inefficiencies usually start as a small task which doesn’t scale as your business grows the results can often be dramatic.

As an example, we have previously reduced workload by almost 25% in a large finance administration team, just by providing an small data entry application with automated archiving.